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August 2013

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Book Review: IGoL 2 Queen of Clueless

Book 2 - Queen of the Clueless Book Cover

When I finished the first book of the trilogy, I really wanted to read the second one immediately but alas, the summit edition is not out yet. Thank God for this blog tour, I was able to read the last two immediately.

Continuing from Hannah's adventure from the first book, Hannah is still in the process of learning how to fill the shoes of the missing Goddess of Love. (Spoilers ahead)

After successfully bringing Jake and Kathy together, I thought Hannah would have an easier time to bring other people to their soulmates but since the one that sought her help was her best friend Sol it seemed that she was pressured to do what's right versus what's going to break her bff's heart. I didn't expect Neil to shake Hannah to the point that it would mystify even the Gods Quinn, Diego and Vida. I wanted to know what made Neil special and disturbed that he would compel other people into giving him stuff. Even though I understood the reasons at the latter part, I felt it was bitin and heartbreaking since you wouldn't know what Sol felt exactly in the end.

This book made me like Robbie more for Hannah because he was genuine in a sense that he made an extra effort to make ligaw to Hannah by introducing her to his sister thus exposing his vulnerable but adorable side. But with Quin as competition, definitely he was the second option. Quin really came across to me as passive and cold since he didn't give special attention to Hannah.

All in all, I felt that the writing for this book was a bit confusing at first because of the different point of views from different characters. But Mina did not disappoint in the end since you would understand the reasons and be enlighten about Philippine Mythology.