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August 2013

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Book Review: IGoL 3 Icon of Indecisive

Book 3 - Icon of the Indecisive Book Cover

After reading the second installment, there is definitely no stopping especially if you already have the last one. This has to be my favorite out of the three since it answered most of the questions in my head.

Having another love project that involves a different kind of participation from Hannah and an unexpected revelation from the Original Goddess of Love, this installment was definitely a page turner. One of my favorite parts was the subtle signs of attractions from Quin and even tually his confession to Hannah. I didn't expect Denise to be the original goddess and be the one to give powers to Neil from the second book. I just goes to show how much she wanted to relinquish the status to Hannah. I felt also that Robbie was forever second place after Quin confessed to Hannah, he told her to just enjoy the experience of bei in a relationship with Robbie since they have forever ahead of them.

When I said that it answered most of the questions I had, I felt that the revelations did not reveal everything that was happening to Hannah as well as the extent of truth of the myths surrounding the gods. All in all, it was a feel good book making you kilig and learn more about our culture through mythology.:-)